Sunday, May 11, 2014

I just realized something: If I say that I'll do something... buy something... show up... I do 'everything in my power to do so' otherwise... I let you know if I am delayed, etc.

HOWEVER, apparently... I am not 'of the masses' on this type of thinking.
I recently posted some items for sale.   A friend had told me about a 'face book' page for the local military/Americans wanting to sell things.   So, I actually signed up for facebook and proceeded to do this.   I can't believe how many times... someone 'sees' the item that I am posting for sale and says something like:  "I WANT THAT!"   and then we set up a meeting point... which has usually consisted of me 'meeting them on base' in a parking lot.  So, there I am... WAITING for the agreed upon hour.   NO SHOW from the buyer.   One person (yes, call me a fool if you wish-- but, they had just arrived and I know how busy that time can be) did this to me 2x.   Finally, I said... "OK, you have to come to my house to pick up the items."    Flash backward ... I post a couple of items-- even some things that I'm GIVING AWAY... (I have so much stuff- I have got to get serious about getting rid of it- and I couldn't do it last year w/ the knee injury/surgery.)  Several people said:  "I WANT THAT!"  (name the pretend item of your choice)... I'll be there to pick it up.   Others would come by (for the free stuff) and/or want the item/s that I'm saving for the others that said, "I WANT THAT!"...   THEN, when the people who said, "I WANT THAT!" do show up... (if they do show up) they decide that they don't want the item... that I could have SOLD TO THE OTHER PEOPLE who did want to buy it!   grrr   
  SO NOW I KNOW... the "I WaNT THAT!"  means:  Hold it for me and don't let anyone else buy it-- until I get there 'or' decide to come by to SEE IF I WANT TO BUY THE ITEM!   Got it.  Of, course since my mind doesn't think that way... I didn't realize it.  Instead my mind thinks:  "I WANT THAT!  I'm going to come and buy it/get it/pick it up."  Means... Just that.   Sigh... I just had to vent my frustrations.   Meanwhile, I still have the items that I was trying to sell... and most of the free stuff is gone.

 UPDATE:   One person came by... took the 'free potting soil'... but, also took 6 brand new flower pots w/saucers (with a price tag of only $3.00 on them) and my brand new never used... wet/dry hand vac.. like a dust buster 'but, with more features?'   Sigh... They took them- w/out paying for them.  I'm sure that they didn't realize it?  The 'free' items were apart from the 'for sale' items... free items did not have prices on them-- the 'for sale' things did.  THEY had a bright GOLD price tag taped to them.   A large gold price tag.   I had pointed out the 'free items' and the prices of certain items... (some of which she took)  SIGH... (They were brand new-- people... brand new...)

Right now, I'm trying to regain my trust in human nature.   I'll be OK in a couple of days.   I think so anyway.   But, in the meantime...   = : - ()

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I finally found my way back (was it the fog or was life just getting too busy? or something else? OR many things as the reason for my absence?)

Sorry, for my absence.   For awhile... I couldn't use my computer.   Wacky stuff was going on... beyond my 'computer fixing' skills.   My computer was frozen when I finally got it to working.  It was frustrating.  I just left it turned off.   I was finally able to get some help from my 'wonderful' landlord's son.   Who just happens to work with computers for his job.   Then, the school world got busy... 'report card' time... meetings, life, and getting so tired that you wake up tired... makes one not have time to do a blog.   Lately, I've been waking up at 4:00am- 4:30am... I try for 4:00am- but, I just hit the snooze button too many times at 4:00am.  I am trying to go to work early to do things that need to be done there.   At home, I try to clear out many of my possessions now that my knee is better and I can manage to do so.   I have also had to drive to the nearest other military base (where I used to live 1997-2000) on Saturdays.  I've driven there 2 or 3 times so far.  I have to go back one more time.   It is an hour and half away.   One way.   Why did I have to go back so many times?   I'm going to the wrought iron man who made my table base and 4 wrought iron chairs many years ago when I lived there.   The first time, I had brought some images that I had printed off of the Internet to show him what I wanted (he speaks NO English).   I want something to put my cookbooks on-- and maybe some of the heavy Polish Pottery baking dishes on the bottom shelves?   The first time, we got things taken care of... 'to a degree'... but, I had to go back the following Saturday... to take the final width measurement and one of my tiles with me so that he could make the tile rack in the back to fit 'what I should have in storage' my hand painted tiles of Gaeta, Italy.  That is where I lived when I lived down south at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast.  I had this place paint our little area's coast line view (we looked like a dragon laying down in the water)... I paid for it- but, I didn't discover this little shop until a week before I moved and the guy needed 2 weeks to complete the project.   Someone was supposed to mail it to me-- but, I'm not sure that that 'ever' happened.   Many of my things are still in storage in the states.   BUT, just in case.. I wanted to have the 'tile rack' added to the back of the wrought iron bookcase.   I guess that if I don't have this scenic hand painted scene... that 'oh my' ... I might have to travel to the southern coast of Italy to get another one made?   Here's what my current 'baker's rack' with the hand-painted tiles of:  Positano    looks like on my baker's rack.   I had this baker's rack made for me when I lived in Gaeta.   A guy near Naples made this baker's rack for me.   My new one will be more like a book case (but, I wanted the tile rack added and no marble- it's more expensive and makes it heavier) but 'in' the same style as the baker's rack.  I finally decided on 4 shelves instead of 5.   So, it won't be as tall... but, it will be OK.  I had to be able to haul it home w/ my Jeep.  
Ignore the mess... It was photo time 'no' time to clean things up beforehand.  TO the right are my recycle trash cans- so, be glad that they aren't showing in the photo!   That's Italian green marble for the shelves.  I love the color of it.   I don't mind the marble on shelves-- but, marble stains easily and I wouldn't want it on the counters... Pretending I could afford marble counters, that is.

This was the view from the train station from the top of the hill the first time that I saw this town along the coast.  It was beautiful.   They also are famous for hand-painted ceramics.   Some of the things in the photo are from there... and/or from other regions of Italy.

I loop my aprons along one of the hoops on the side.  It works out perfect.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"HEEEATTTHCLIFFFF".... or when did our school playground turn into the foggy Scottish moors? .... excuse me... "Heathcliff!!!!"....

My driveway right before I pulled out on to the street.  This should have been my first clue.

This is at 10:00am.  You could barely see children that were several feet away.   Nice to see 3 boys using the swings.  Sometimes, at other schools, boys don't usually use the 'swings'... here?  I have to sometimes tell them to count 20 swings back and forth so that other children can have a turn.   We have 2 swing sets; but, lots of children want to use the swings.   I loved swinging when I was a child too.  I would often lean my head back and I would drag my hair on the ground.  

Yes, we have the spongy surfaces here too.  I just don't know how I survived my childhood.  We had pebbles, dirt, and concrete on our playgrounds.

"Heathcliff!"... "Are you out there?"

Even the school (this is the lunchroom area) is difficult to see. 

We couldn't let them play in the grassy area- we couldn't SEE THEM!

Yesterday, it was foggy.   It used to be foggy a lot in Germany too.   However, today... was foggier than I have EVER seen it!  I could not see anything in front of me.  I was the lead car and the white lines on the road hadn't been painted in what looked like YEARS!  I didn't even know most of the time if I was on my side of the road or about to fall off the road into the deep drainage ditches!  I was only driving 10-15 mph.   I finally had a car behind me and for the first time ever... a car didn't pass me.   They must have FINALLY realized that IT WAS NOT SAFE TO PASS THE OTHER CAR even if you didn't think it was going fast enough.  (I get passed often- even though I am going the residential speed limit.)  The strangest fog that I experienced in Germany-- was frozen FOG!  It was so scary!!  I drove home one night after meeting friends at a restaurant.     

Sunday, March 16, 2014


What is this creeping through the jungle grass?   Could it be?????

A wild tiger and her 'tiger' kitten?  
Today, I have spent almost the entire day going through boxes of things (as I seem to do every weekend for the past couple of months or so)...  these particular boxes were from a storage delivery that had been in the states for many years.   Once, I found this really large house- I sent for my storage with the plan to go through things to find things to get rid of because... let's be honest... I, along with many of us... have just too much stuff.  It was easy to have too many things-- since, my job would pay for the storage in the states while I was overseas.   SO, if you don't have 'all of this stuff' in your house LETTING YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF... it is easy to dis-reguard that you have too much stuff- if you don't see it!

In one box, I found a couple of old ratty holey quilts that my grandmother had used as a mattress padding.  I had cut one apart to make pillows, angels or something long ago.   In this same box I found the above animals that I hadn't seen in many years.  I forgot that I had them.   My same 'step-grandmother' had put them away for me when I grew too old for them.   I don't have many items from my childhood.  That is what happens when you have younger siblings- they tend to take over or destroy your possessions.  

I loved cats and kittens when I was young (still do) and no one could find a stuffed cat toy in small town rural Oklahoma when I was a child-- so, they got the next best thing.   A big stuffed tiger.   Later the smaller one was added to my collection.   I was about 3 or 4 the year that I got them.   I loved them.   The big one was the mama tiger; of course.   The eyes have been loved off of the big one and the baby tiger only has one eye left.

I only had one other stuffed animal.  I think someone made it for me.  It was a black mop looking thing with long black yarn for hair sewed on.  I think it was supposed to be a laying down dog?   I seem to remember that the hair had a middle part and I spent a lot of time 'combing' it with my fingers to make the hair go in the right directions.  I have no idea as to what happened to it?

I never had a Teddy Bear as a child.   Sad, huh?   Years later, one of my friends bought me a little teddy bear.  I still have him.  He sits on a shelf where my yarn/etc. is stored.  I guess he is guarding the yarn? 

The tigers have been sealed back into the box with the ratty old quilts.   After all, they might get cold.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Getting lost can help you find a new bakery.

Looks good, huh? 
Today, I went back to the purse factory and the small showroom floor shop selling purses.   They had lots of new additions of the new spring line.   The song, "IF I were a rich man" was spinning in my head... (ok, with a variation ... "IF I were a rich woman...") as I looked at all the lovely new models and colors.   A room just full of leather purses.  (Sorry for those that think it is wrong to make things out of leather.)

I did buy a basic black leather purse and a red one which is what I had gone there to purchase the last time-- but, I got overwhelmed by all the choices and left the store without my black or red purse.   I did buy a blue and green and a medium brown leather purse though on my visit several days ago.

So, today... I did buy my intended colors.  I stuck to the plan (mostly).   It's a good thing that I did go back because... there were ONLY 3 black purses being sold.  I got the only one that was a solid black.  AND, 'bonus' ... I liked it.  No, I loved it!

And, the other day... while cooking something or other.  I cut into a bell pepper and look at what I found.   Has anyone ever found this cute little thing inside?  It was kind of like opening up the kinder eggs to get the surprise toy inside. 

Today, on the way home from the 'purse' store... I decided to go to a different location, that is near my house, and I put this place in my navigation device.   Oh my... does my 'navigation' device like to take me traveling around.  Even in my limited knowledge of the area... I knew that I wasn't going the right way.  
I love the little spiral pepper center. 
 So, I finally found a place to pull over and wouldn't you know the exact place that I found just happened to be next to a house and my car was partially in front of the wrought iron gate that locks 'driveways' and houses in Italy.   Not a problem 'usually' but, I just happened to glance over and sure enough there is a car 'with a driver in it' and clearly wanting out of his driveway!  Oops.   At this point, I just put in my own little Italian town and drove home.   That was enough excitement for the day.  However, in my 'random route' that the navigation system was taking me on-- I did find a tiny little bakery and I bought a small round loaf of whole grain bread.   I didn't have my camera with me so I couldn't take a photo of the very old building where this tiny bakery was located.  So, the 'different route' wasn't a lost cause because I love home-made Italian bread- especially the whole grain breads. 

I just cut the bread open and I added the photos.  The inside is the softest bakery bread that I have ever purchased.   I grabbed some soft local cheese and spread it on pieces of the end piece that I cut off of the round loaf.   So, so, so good... ubbmsuummummm nom, nom...  (that's me eating the bread)

*P.S. You can click on the photos for an even larger yummy view.

Friday, March 14, 2014

My meal last weekend... from when I went to the local restaurant for the Woman's Day event..

Home made crackers and dinner rolls...

Home-made Tortellini

Grilled Pork Chop.   This was awesome... and there was so much meat- that I took over 1/2 of it home and had 2 more meals from this serving.   They also gave me an entire bowl of home-fries (not frozen) and this is all that I had with my meal.  I gave the rest to my friend who was eating with me.

The dessert menu and I did appreciate the ENGLISH translation.  I can read quite a bit of 'Italian' when it concerns menus though.  I need to learn 'the words for how a dish is prepared though.'

The name of the restaurant.   *Also the front of the dessert menu.   I got the 'tiramisu' again, of course.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring is near... and I hope it comes quickly for those in the cold parts of the world.

A tulip tree in bloom... (at least that is what I call them!)  I snapped this photo on the street as I was turning the corner- just stuck the camera out the window-- which is why you see the sun glare on the photo.   I have seen a few of these trees in my neighborhood blooming too.